Exhibitions calendar for 2018
The Exhibition «Mosshoes»
16 - 19 January
13 - 16 March
5 - 8 June
11 - 14 September
Leather and components
13 - 16 March
11 - 14 September

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The Exhibition «Mospel»
13 - 16 March
11 - 14 September

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Exhibitors and visitors about Mosshoes


Specialized exposition of partnership business-concepts:

  • Franchising of footwear, clothes, bags and accessories stores
  • Shop-in-Shop - special area inside the store for one brand.

In the framework of MOSSHOES fair, the exhibitors have the possibility to present their ready-made business concepts to the audience, in the framework of the specialized division “RETAIL CONCEPT” - franchises of footwear, clothes, bags and accessories stores together with Shop-in-Shop format.

The main task of the division is to increase the interest of the shoe market players for partner business concepts and to provide for favorable conditions for business negotiations.

Every exhibitor has the possibility:

  • To present to the footwear retail the advantages of franchising and Shop-in-shop, their relevance in the present day market conditions – in the framework of the exhibition
  • To hold the presentation of the footwear franchising in the framework of the Business Program
  • To demonstrate clearly the economic convenience of his proposals
  • To offer his programs to a big number of potential partners
  • To demonstrate his stable market position

Exhibition visitors have the possibility to learn the advantages of partnership business concepts

  • To have business-partner and the reliable supplier with the best conditions at the same time,
  • Brand loyalty and advertising campaigns held by the franchiser,
  • Business support by the franchiser: staff trainings, recommendations etc.,
  • Reduction of business risks generally.

MOSSHOES organizers assigned a special exposition for the division with a massive publicity campaign in order to attract the visitors from different regions of Russia and neighboring countries.

Business program is conducted together with Russian Franchising Association and Franchising Academy and is divided in two flows: master-class for franchisers and companies interested in the format  - modern franchising technology trends and creation of actual franchising offer; master-class for acting and potential franchisee - strengthening and expansion of current business using franchising, requirements to franchiser and main features of the good and reliable franchise offer.

We invite the companies interested in promotion of partner business solutions to participate in the work of this exposition and to present their solutions to the target audience!

Curator of the division – Tatyala Lobanova - lobanova@mosshoes.com



Footwear franchises at MOSSHOOES exhibition
Thomas Munz
VITACCI bags&accessories
Leo Ventoni
XTI Footwear SL
Vitacci Kids