Exhibitions calendar for 2018
The Exhibition «Mosshoes»
16 - 19 January
13 - 16 March
5 - 8 June
11 - 14 September
Leather and components
13 - 16 March
11 - 14 September

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The Exhibition «Mospel»
13 - 16 March
11 - 14 September

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Foreign companies:
Please contact your corresponding collective organizer to find out the prices: Germany - LMI Leipziger Messe International GmbH, France - Federation de la Chaussure.

Corner stand - 5%
Semi-island -7%
Island - 10%
Double floor stand - 40%

In case of applying for stand later than 7 working days before the exhibition the basic rates for 1 sq. meter will be increased for 100 EURO.

Minimal space - 18 sq. meters.

Standard stand 18, 20, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48 sq. meters.
Other options available upon request.

Prices for additional furniture and services are given in the Exhibitor's Manual.

Collective organizers should apply to MosShoes Organizing Committee to find out about discounts.

Stand Reservation


Article I 

MOSSHOES Organising Committee, Office 440, 3, Profsoyuznaya St., Moscow, 117036, Russia (hereinafter called MOSSHOES).

Article II
Applications and Exhibition Area Allocation

1. An application for participation submitted to MOSSHOES is binding on the Exhibitor. Parts of the application are also a list of exhibits and a document of settling the deposit on the agreed rental. MOSSHOES decides on the approval, curtailment or rejection of the application without being obliged to put forward reasons for its decision. MOSSHOES can also allot the exhibition area in another pavilion than in that given in exhibitor's application.

2. Following payment of the deposit on the rental MOSSHOES will issue a confirmation of the allocated exhibition area and send the Exhibitor a proforma invoice to settle the whole amount of the rental. After the deposit has been paid, MOSSHOES will make out a tax document. The handing over of the exhibition area to the Exhibitor at the fixed date can take place as late as the total rental and the registration fee have been settled.

3. Unless the total rental is paid within the date stated on the invoice, the delay of the Exhibitor is considered an inherent infringement of his contractual obligations and MOSSHOES has the right to withdraw from the contract.

4. The Exhibitor engages to fulfil all obligations arising out of his participation and the participation of his co-exhibitors as well as the firms authorised by him to build up his stand and to transport his exhibits (ie. forwarding agents). All changes are to be approved by MOSSHOES in advance.

Article III 
Exhibition Area Rental

1. The exhibition area rental is always given in the application form or in a MOSSHOES letter. Every incomplete square meter will be charged as if it were the whole square meter. The least allocated exhibition area is 9 sq. m.

2. The Exhibitor must not cede the allocated exhibition area to a third party without a written consent of MOSSHOES given in advance.

3. In the case that the Exhibitor cancels his participation in the exhibition prior to the final payment date, specified in the Contract, MOSSHOES will retain 25% of the full sum of the Contract. In the case that cancellation is made by the Exhibitor after the said date, he will not be reimbursed for the already paid rental and registration fee and the amount will be retained by MOSSHOES as a contractual penalty. Cancellation of your participation must be made in written form.

Article IV 
Terms of Payment

The Exhibitor engages to pay MOSSHOES for all provided services by the date of invoice maturity specified on the invoice.

Article V

1. Exhibits are understood as products, goods or the right to immaterial assets, which are displayed on an area, designated by MOSSHOES and which comply with the nomenclature of the event.

2. The Exhibitor is obliged to report any changes in his exhibits without undue delay to MOSSHOES. The Exhibitor is obliged to insure his exhibits against burglary.

3. The delivery and removal of exhibits are carried out in accordance with the schedule, specified by the Exhibitor's Manual. The Exhibitor is obliged to send all installation material and exhibits to exhibition carriage-paid to his stand. In the case that installation material and exhibits are not removed by the deadline of exhibition area rental, handling and storage fees will be charged by MOSSHOES.

4. The taking over of products and commodities (exhibits) is carried out exclusively by the Exhibitor. If neither the Exhibitor, nor his representative is present, the exhibits will be left on the allocated exhibition area at the risk of the Exhibitor. It is not permissible to remove the exhibits in the course of the event.

Article VI
Building-up and Installation of Expositions, Assembly of Exhibits

1. Assembly, dismantling and operation times are specified by MOSSHOES in the Exhibitor's Manual. MOSSHOES can allow exceptions to these times at the request of the Exhibitor or his authorised representative, which may be extra charged. This fee is paid by the Exhibitor or his authorised person.

2. The official contractor for the build-up of exposition is MOSSHOES Technical Department. If the expositions are implemented by another than the official contractor, the Exhibitor is fully responsible for his activity on the premises of Crocus Expo, with a particular regard to the observation of the build-up and dismantling times. These times are specified in the Exhibitor's Manual.

3. Wall hydrants, fire-alarm boxes, fire extinguishers and other safety equipment must not be obstructed. No interventions in the structure of pavilions or open areas are allowed.

4. The maximum permissible height of expositions, including eye catchers is 3 metres. Exceptions are permitted exclusively by MOSSHOES. Expositions are to comply with fire prevention conditions. Double-deck expositions must be submitted to MOSSHOES fire-fighting specialist for evaluation and approval as early as at the stage of their designing.

5. The Exhibitor is obliged to submit to MOSSHOES within the given date 2 copies of the project of his exposition, ie. its ground plan and side view, for approval and to specify the sort of material used to build up the exposition. He will present the documentation approved on taking over the allocated exhibition area. The architectural design and exposition operation must not disturb or restrict neighbouring stands. The outline of the rented exhibition area must not overhang ceiling structure level.

6. Water supplies and outlets, electrical and compressed air connections as well as telecommunication services are to be ordered exclusively with Gostiny Dvor.

7. The Exhibitor is responsible for all materials leased from MOSSHOES and is obliged to return them undamaged after the event has finished.

8. The Exhibitor is obliged to recondition any damage to the exhibition area and equipment at his own expense or to pay MOSSHOES for any accrued costs.

9. The Exhibitor (or the firm authorised by him) is not allowed to dismantle exhibits or stand before the close of the event.

Article VII 
Promotion, Advertising, Signs and Catalogues

1. The Exhibitor is entitled to promote his products in his own exposition only. It's forbidden to advertise any activities outside MosShoes dates and contradicting MosShoes aims.

2. All demonstrations carried out on Exhibitor's own exhibition area or outside (for example machines in action, film and musical performances, fashion shows etc.) are subject to an approval of MOSSHOES, which has the right to restrict or forbid a demonstration irrespective of the previously granted permit in the case that it causes noise, dust, toxic products or vibrations, or if it restricts or disturbs the operation of the fair. Acoustical advertisements are permitted only following a prior written approval of MOSSHOES. Transferring or transporting company eye-catchers, distribution of leaflets or sticking promotional or information materials outside Exhibitors' own expositions on windows, walls, floors or columns in pavilions are not permitted. MOSSHOES is entitled to forbid any advertising, which does not comply with the provisions of the aforesaid paragraphs or to remove it at Exhibitor's expense.

Article VIII 

1. MOSSHOES is not responsible to the Exhibitor or his Co-Exhibitors for any loss, destruction or other damage to exhibits, stand equipment or goods, packages and packing material, irrespective of whether the destruction or damage occurred prior to the opening of the event, during it or after the close of the exhibition. The Exhibitor engages to take out an insurance against these hazards.

Article IX 
Final Provisions

1. In the case that MOSSHOES cannot hold the event at all or cannot hold it at the Exhibition Centre or in a part of it, or in another place (venue) for the whole period due to Force Majeure, it will notify the Exhibitors of it without undue delay. All obligations arising for MOSSHOES in accordance with contracts concluded become null and void. In such cases the Exhibitor has no right to an indemnity. MOSSHOES is entitled to retain a commensurate part of Exhibitor's payments already made.

2. The Exhibitor can claim, in writing, for replacement of works and services provided by MOSSHOES with the responsible worker without delay, by 48 hours before the close of the event at the latest, otherwise his right lapses.

3. Unless otherwise agreed, MOSSHOES is entitled to exclude the Exhibitor from any further participation in the exhibition if he breaches any of the provisions of the General Conditions for Participation. In such a case the Exhibitor has no right to be indemnified or to get his already paid rental reimbursed.

4. The place of fulfilment of mutual obligations of the Exhibitor and MOSSHOES is the place (venue) where the exhibition is held in Moscow, Russia. All relationships arising out of these obligations and the legal consequences connected with them are governed by the law of the Russian Federation. Any disputes arising from, or relating to this Contract, will be settled in accordance with the regulations of the Arbitration Court of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce. The place of the final proceedings will be Moscow. Each of the contracting parties undertakes to carry out any arbitration award without delay as if it were a court decision.

MOSSHOES Organising Committee