Exhibitions calendar for 2018
The Exhibition «Mosshoes»
16 - 19 January
13 - 16 March
5 - 8 June
11 - 14 September
Leather and components
13 - 16 March
11 - 14 September

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The Exhibition «Mospel»
13 - 16 March
11 - 14 September

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Film about Mosshoes

Exhibitors and visitors about Mosshoes

Italian footwear companies – participants of the consortiums – at the exhibition in September.

CONSORZIO MULTIMARCHE (Italy)                                                                                                     

The Consortium was founded in 2003 by a group of businessmen from Marche region. Nowadays, 25 companies take part in the Consortium. Its purpose is the assistance to the international cooperation and promotion of the positive image of the companies’ products – “Made in Italy – excellent quality and skills”.

The companies taking part in the Consortium are specializing in manufacture of leather products, men’s, women’s and children’s shoes, using exclusively the best materials and exquisite components.

Besides the guarantee of high quality, the Consortium provides for precise goods delivery.

Moreover, the Consortium offers the assistance to the companies in the framework of internationalization, supporting their development and their penetration into the foreign markets.

The Consortium conducts the activity also in Russia and China – countries of intense economical growth. MODA MARCHE RUSSIA and MODA MARCHE CHINA aggregated to the Consortium MULTIMARCHE.

CONSORZIO ELPIDIENSE EXPORT (Italy)                                                                                            

The Consortium was founded in 1987 by a group of far-sighted businessmen with the purpose to promote high quality Italian goods in the foreign countries.

Today 38 footwear companies located in Fermo and Macerata regions, take part in the Consortium. Each of these companies manufactures the shoes of exceptionally high quality, mainly handmade, thanks to the skills of competent experts, unique materials and great design.

The member companies are ready to offer a well organized system of services related to the order processing and fast delivery.

The Consortium offers the assistance in publicity and sales. In this connection, the Consortium developed a series of initiatives aimed to enlarge the cooperation, including participation in international exhibitions and fairs, organization of workshops and marketing events.

Moreover, the Consortium maintains close relationship with national and local institutions in order to develop the economic perspectives for the member companies, and also cooperates with the major trade associations which can help to implement various projects. The Consortium Elpidiense Export does its best to offer the best opportunities for the creativity and enthusiasm of the small business all over the world.

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