“The main fair and business grounds of Russian footwear market” – this is the opinion of the majority of the exhibitors and visitors of 67th International exhibition of footwear, bags and accessories MOSSHOES, which took place this year in Moscow from 15 to 18 March.

Over 300 manufacturers and distributors from Russia, CIS and far abroad presented a wide range of women’s, men’s and children’s footwear along with the leather products. The variety of collections for any taste and price level made it possible for the customers to define their marketing preferences, make the right choices and conclude the contracts for the season deliveries. The exhibition was visited by more than 9000 people, 94% of which were national businessmen from all areas of the Russian Federation. 58% of the visitors were company owners and directors. Representatives of footwear retail networks from 50 cities of Russia worked at MOSSHOES fair in the framework of the “Buyer’s program”. The business representatives working in the footwear segment of the consumer market gave a high evaluation, as usual, both to the potential of the exhibition and to the high level of its organization. These factors provided for the effective cooperation between the visitors and the exhibitors. 

The exhibitors in their turn, demonstrated to be serious in their work and stable in the market in today’s new realities of economic development. The main part of the exhibitors were Russian companies. Their products manufactured both in Russia and abroad, were of great demand, as usual. The companies prepared some special offers for the fair and it provided for the expected commercial returns. The results of the work at MOSSHOES confirmed the necessity of adapting the marketing policy to the conditions of the contemporary market. And the participants, according to their own feedback, managed to solve this task perfectly. The products by the following companies: Analpa, Patrol, Anta, Francesco Donni, Vitaci, IDI, Avenir, Obuv Rossii, GoErgo, Berconti, SAT, MacFine, Bastom, Midisa, Baden, Westfalica, LeGre, Ederro, Enrico, FannoFatti, NineLines, Fortuna, Faraon, Romer, Armando, Pskov-Polimer, Valrus and a number of others, - were the most popular with the visitors.

The foreign brands were presented by the companies from 20 countries: Austria, Albania, Armenia, Belorussia, Brazil, Great Britain, Vietnam, Germania, Denmark, India, Spain, Italy, China, Poland, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Turkey, Uzbekistan e Finland.

In the framework of the collective exposition of Germany, the new collections were demonstrated by the following well-known companies: ara Shoes, BNS Bergal, Nico & Solitaire, DL TRADE, Hartjes Schuh- und Sport Vertriebsgesellschaft, Josef Seibel , Marc Shoes, PETER KAISER, Schuh-Union, Rieker Schuh, Romika Shoes, Semler, Sioux, Solidus, Legero Schuhfabrik, TS2 Agentur Thomas Schneider, VITO, Westkorn. The German brands Tamaris, Caprice, Marco Tozzi, Jana и S. Oliver were united within the exposition of Wortman Group.  

The foreign brands were presented also by such countries as, Spain (Wonders, Lady & Gadea, Prezzemolo, Luisetti & Laura Azana,Pererosa, Wanda Panda, Xti, Romax Comfort, Satorisan), Italy (Redwood, Ripani, Antonio Scarpati, Di Gregorio, Relaxshoe, Per Te,  Imac, Spirale), Austria (Högl), Albania (Donianna), Great Britain (Barker), Slovenia (Alpina), Poland (Green Light/Badura, Kwinto, Bonty, Adanex, Brado), Serbia (Leonsabo), Belorussia (Marco, Otico, ShsgoVita), India (Blue Feather India, Vista Shoes).    

The collective booth of the Association of leather and footwear enterprises “UZBEKCHARMPOIABZALI” hosted the footwear and leather collections by 20 companies from Uzbekistan. Along with the product demonstration, the Association held the presentation of the export possibilities of Uzbek manufacturers, which was attended by the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassador of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Russian Federation Mr. B. Ashrafhanov. 

The booth of the Foundation for the development of Armenia presented the collections of men’s and women’s footwear produced by nine companies. All the participants underlined the good perspectives of work with the Russian market and the efficiency of the fair for commercial deals.

MosshoesKids exposition confirmed once again its status of the major Russian children’s footwear presentation. Over 50 companies took part in it, including such leaders of the branch as Orsetto, Lel, Keddo Teens, Flamingo, Skazka, Kotofey, Zebra, Indigo Kids, Flois, Kapika, Ralf Ringer, CrossWay, Totto, Shagovita, Parizhskaya Communa, Mursu and a number of other manufacturers and distributors.   

In the framework of the business program of the fair, the presentation of the investment project “Russian-Italian footwear cluster” was held. The founders of the project are the Italian engineering company Macsenior and the Agency for investment development of Novosibirsk region. The activity of the companies taking part in the cluster will include the complete production cycle starting from leather processing and components manufacturing up to creation of modern men’s, women’s and children’s footwear and leather products made in accordance with the world trends. According to the evaluations made by the project initiators, the work at the exhibition allowed to make the effective contacts with potential partners and also, to have the correct idea of the real position of the cluster in the Russian market and the perspectives of its development.  

Along with the footwear collections, the exhibition presented leather products, bags and accessories – in the framework of MOSPEL fair. Such companies as, Belmonte, Di Gregorio, Jane’s Story, Mellizos accessories, Michel Katana, MSK Collection, Successories, Vera Victoria Vito, Alliance KGF, VITA, Imperator, Mahaon, RICCHEZZA, Tri slona, Fulton, Tivalini  and others - demonstrated their products. The similar products were present also at the booths of many MOSSHOES exhibitors. Everybody agreed that the demonstration of leather product collections along with footwear ones makes the product range wider and provides for a balanced offer from commercial companies.

One more positive aspect of the last exhibition was the participation of more than 30 new companies, both Russian and foreign. This fact is an additional proof that MOSSHOES is recognized as a strategic point for solving business tasks.

“Leather and components” division is a new vector of development for MOSSHOES. Though the number of exhibitors is small, the perspectives of the topic are evident, mainly in the conditions of the growth of national footwear production in the framework of the import substitution program. The organizers of the exhibition keep working for enlargement of this segment and they also study the experience of foreign colleagues. In particular, at the invitation of MOSSHOES administration, the exhibition was visited by Director of footwear and leather components and accessories exhibition CREAMODA (Bologna, Italy) Mr Eliseo Monaco. Talks on cooperation in this area took place also with the representatives of trade missions of the foreign countries having a noticeable export potential in the branch.

The Business program has become an integral part of the exhibition during the recent years. The topics of the events included such important questions for the market as, sales optimization, trends in footwear and accessory design, internet-promotion mechanisms and many others.

The last exhibition confirmed once again that MOSSHOES is an adequate choice for the serious business, opening new horizons for the development. MOSSHOES is a powerful marketing tool for business communication and commercial affairs.

We invite all the footwear market professionals to the fair which will be held up to the end of the year – 7-10 June and 13-16 September.